Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just when you think you are on the pig's back...

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the quote I chose for my blog’s title.  I’m guessing very few.  I feel I should begin by informing everyone that this is not a blog about pigs, pig meat or any other porcine based matter (but that’s not to say this subject will never be approached or I have anything against pigs). To be “on the pigs back” means to be in a fortunate or lucky position.  At least that’s what it means in Ireland.  I cant vouch for other countries. The quote itself came as words of wisdom from a very interesting character called "Dad" and goes like this

“ Just when you think you are on the pig’s back…you are really only on its arse”

 (FYI, this blog is also not about beastiality…just gonna clear that up before it even becomes a question in your mind)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of my family's useful advice for surviving life. Basically, it is about those times when you think everything is going perfectly according to plan, but unbeknownst to you the plan is no longer the original plan and you have already committed to the plan, so you cant back out of the plan...ok, so that’s not the world's greatest description... I’ll break that down. It is like finding out the warm contents of the paper bag on your doorstep is not freshly baked scones from your neighours’ kitchen but dog-s*#t fresh from your neighbours’ garden or finding a great apartment, signing a contract and finding out that its probably free because

 a) the  upstairs neighbours have a hobby. I’m not sure what it is but I’m pretty sure it involves frequently dropping heavy objects on the floor at night time whilst simunltaneously playing s*#t music and

b) the drunk people and street noise that I am usually part of on a night out, are unusually louder when I am sober and trying to sleep

I have lost count of the times I have been on the pig’s arse.  I think there is a fault in my personality that is completely incapable of predicting possible blind spots or obstacles in life. I like to call this a “lack of awareness”.  Funnily enough, I am becoming more aware of how much I lack awareness, however its usually too late to do anything or I fixate on it long enough not to notice a bigger problem accumulating (...typical!)  Sometimes, I wonder if anybody else has these problems..  It certainly feels like everyone I know has a grip on this kinda stuff or that it comes easier to them.  It seems like it should be easy.
Make plan.  
Follow Plan.

Does anybody else find the route to the pig’s back difficult?